So, we have owned the domain for around 8 years or more. When I first registered it, I looked for the .com domain but GoDaddy had it parked, and for sale at an outrageous figure. So I settled for But every year or two I have looked it up. Finally, today I decided to test them out. Got onto WhatsApp and explained that since they had owned the domain since 2002, and their “client who had purchased it from them and who they were now brokering it for” had not used the domain in at least 10 years, perhaps they’d drop the price – you know, for an old, unused, non-money-making domain. Nope. To them it makes better sense to let it sit around, uselessly, gathering dust, than to negotiate a lower price and just “let it go!” Some of these big companies are too greedy for their own good, neh? *lol* #GoDaddy

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