Four Minutes, by Jared AE, Tessa Kerrich-Walker, & Magna Gopal

A fabulous book about salsa and the soul! You don’t have to be a dancer to appreciate the lyrical beauty of this book, or the way it makes you understand not just what drives dancers, but also their very heartbeat.

We published this book from start to finish, even suggesting the title, but the cover image and layout was chosen by the authors.

Gu-gum pah!

It’s inescapable. It reverberates through your body. If you’ve felt it, you’ve felt the insatiable urge to move. The music calls and the rhythm beckons incessantly. Before we know it, beat and heartbeat are indistinguishable.

From the utter confusion of a dubious Philly dance studio to chasing the highs of the next international dance festival, we dive into a community of addicts itching for more, in an attempt to answer the ever-elusive question, why do we dance?

In this series of vignettes, Four Minutes lays bare the heart of improvisational social partner dancing… a resonant riptide of pasta sauce, parachutes, and perspective that also offers freedom, community, and hope.