Book Reviews

Good reviews that you can use for publicity and marketing for your book are like gold for new authors especially. Getting your name out there is vital for sales; aim to become a household name everyone recognises, and your sales take care of themselves. The more reviews you can get, the better, especially from a trusted source such as a publisher, industry professional, or well-known respected reviewers like Kirkus.

I have been asked a few times whether I would review books. The answer is yes, and if you like it, I’ll put the review in a blog post, and onto our Facebook pages, as well as on the book’s Amazon page, and you can use the review anywhere else you wish (unchanged, please). My reviews are honest assessments, firm but kind, straight-talking, and sometimes I will separately give advice, too. I am careful not to include spoilers. When the review is complete, you can tell me whether or not you want it put up, before I do so.

PRICING: it takes 5-6 hours to read an average-sized book (80,000 words), including making notes along the way, and I charge for my reviewing time at £10.00 per hour. This gives you some idea of the cost based on the number of words your book contains, plus time for collating my notes and writing the review, usually 1-2 hours. So, assuming the higher time of 6 hours’ reading and 2 hours’ writing, £10 x 8 hours = £80.

HOW IT WORKS: You send me an email with a brief description of your story, the genre, and the word count. I let you know roughly how long it will take, based on my schedule, and send you a quote/invoice. You can choose to pay via bank transfer, PayPal, or a Wise transfer (cheapest and very quick across the world, and my preferred method).

PLEASE NOTE: I won’t review books containing explicit erotica or gratuitous violence.

If you’d like your book reviewed, please email me at