100 Little Pleasures, by William Wood


This is a book we updated for the author; the original (A Little Book of Pleasures) was published by Sunpenny.

* * *

This is a new and expanded version of William’s A Little Book of Pleasures, with a plethora of new cameos for you to indulge in!

This delightful anecdotal collection, told with wry humour and a gentle, sometimes quirky style slightly reminiscent of a bygone era, contains a mixture of description and observation, with a smattering of auto-biographical incident.

William Wood has lived in many places of the world, is well travelled and well read, with a keen sense of enjoyment of what he sees and experiences, and a talent for bringing that visually to the mind of his reader. The short, usually self-contained pieces make wonderful cameos both for those who do their reading in snatches, and those who will want to devour his stories in one sitting.