Our Services

For over 35 years I have written for TV, radio, features, multi-media, print, books, magazines, press releases, and other content, in a wide variety of genres, from drama to documentary, children’s and adults’ education/edutainment, family series, and more. I have been a script editor, a script coach, taught total newbies one-on-one to write (scripts and books). I have also been a production manager for over 20 years (TV and film).

In publishing since 2007, and writing professionally since 1986, I pride myself on being able to produce books from scratch (ie your raw manuscript) to final print or ebook. We offer all services involved, either individually, or as a full book production package, including; from initial honest assessments, to full developmental editing, copy/line editing, typesetting/layout either in Word or InDesign (recommended),. I (Jo) also offer my writing services, as well as mentoring, coaching, book or script shepherding, and consultation.

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I specialise in helping writers become authors. No matter how inexperienced you are, I can help. From an initial opinion, to a professional critique/assessment that will help you decide whether to go ahead with this route, and everything necessary from there on; if you simply want an edit or proofread as individual cherry-picked services, no problem, or for the full package, I can help shape your book. Think of it as a horse in the paddock, being streamlined to become a thoroughbred on the track. So we edit, check the editing, copy edit, check the copy edit, typeset/format, check that, and then I have one of the best proofreaders I know, committed to ensuring that after we finish editing and layout, we will catch any little errors still floating around. We can then either let you have the final PDFs to administer yourselves, or if you choose to have us set your book up with the printers and/or Amazon, and you want us to administer it for you, then our bookkeeper will ensure that you will receive royalty statements and payments – part of the Aftercare services.


Book Covers

I can create book covers from scratch, either using an image you provide (and then setting up the titles, spine and back cover text), or searching a stock image, or creating an image myself. I then format the cover for your chosen printers, with correct dimensions including spine, and provide a final PDF.


Book Trailers

Video book trailers have become very popular, and one of the most touted places for them is in BookTok, though many appear simply on YouTube and other sites. If you have a web page or Facebook page for your book, a trailer will catch the eye of visitors and boost sales. Be careful not to use copyrighted materials, but otherwise, getting a trailer made for you is not a problem. I’ll even write (or edit) the script.


Writing Services

Whether you need ghostwriting, articles, content, etc, email me to discuss. I don’t do American-style copywriting/advertising, but pretty much any other challenge, I’m up for it! 🙂


Coaching, Shepherding, Mentoring

If you’re feeling lost in the writing process, I can help you learn to structure your particular book or script, guide you through it, teach you the ins and outs, what to avoid, which darlings to kill, etc. We would discuss where you are, and then see which tier of assistance you need – light touch if you’re fairly confident, and more help the more you need. This means you write your book, and I just guide you through the process.


Web Sites and Social Media

The internet and Social Media are essential tools for marketing your work, and yourself. We are happy to undertake creating websites for your books, or for you as an author – I will even host them on our server. I tend to favour WordPress because it has so many plug-ins and advantages that mean you can utilise options not available to you otherwise, without spending large amounts of cash, PLUS you can get in there yourself to make changes once we show you how. However, we can also design with other formats.

Social Media accounts: If you are worried about setting these up properly, we can do that for you. You should have a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, at least.



We can help with parts of this, but we are not a PR/marketing company (who will charge you lots of money, and unless you are well known or have a breakthrough book I advise against going this route). We can produce printed handouts of your book, like rack cards, postcards, business cards, posters… we can also produce merchandise, like shirts, jackets, caps, mugs, mouse mats, and a whole lot more. We can even provide basic social media marketing, or outsource it for you. But we don’t contact radio/TV stations/podcasts or magazines to get interviews for you; you will need to go this route yourself, or… well, hire a PR person. lol!

I look forward to your questions! scriptcraft.jo@gmail.com