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In the first 30 years of my life I have been lucky enough to have had three careers that have allowed me to spend most of my working life as either freelance or contracted. This has allowed me the freedom to experience, learn, grow, and rapidly move up in the ranks while running more than one career alongside another - for instance, scriptwriting while also working on television and film productions, script editing, writer mentoring, magazines, and graphics. I was always fascinated by everything around me, and eager for knowledge. I have loved doing it all, and have been blessed with the abililty to rapidly learn and apply new skills. I then became MD of my own publishing company (for the past 10 years) and continue to oversee that, while being given the freedom to offer author services through ScriptCraft as well. I’ve separated my portfolio into three sections, and haven’t included everything, or you’d need far too much time to go through it all. Enjoy what you do read, and feel free to ask me about anything you don’t see!