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Portfolio 3: Graphic Design

I began working with graphics way back in the early 1990s, when I discovered what fun it was making my own web sites. I was soon making them for other people too, and my graphics abilities grew. I began an online business, Maverick Ultra-Media, and soon a friend in America joined me and I was teaching her all I knew. Those were the days when screen savers were all the rage, and ZD-Net claimed that ours were the best screen savers out there. We also did various other graphics of course, and put together multimedia CDs to sell. Then I discovered 3D, and plunged into that, using PhotoImpact, PhotoShop, Vue, DAZ Studio, Painter, Poser, Carrara, Bryce, and various others (okay, I admit it, I hoarde software!). So, I have various abilities with graphics, and when necessary I work with other artists to achieve exactly what is needed.

Book covers

Please click here to see the full gallery. While I have done a good number of book cover illustrations myself on the computer, I also tend to call artists in when necessary - but only for the artwork; I have always completed our book cover designs myself. Illustrations depend on the complexity, but if I don’t have time or the job calls for it, I will use my artist contacts.

Marketing materials

Producing marketing handouts, business cards, posters, brochures, flyers, T-shirts, baseball caps, mugs, pens, and other marketing materials is always fun for me. You tell me the specs and I’ll create printer-ready images, or take it the final step and have them produced for you and delivered to your home. I work with a variety of printer stores, depending on what’s needed.

Web graphics, logos, and more

Graphics are vital to a good-looking web site. Talk to me about your needs! Perhaps my best logo design yet was for Kinaxia Logistics: