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If you have a manuscript or book idea that you need help with before or during editing, I can take you from here to there - i.e. wherever you find yourself in the process, if you are floundering with how to develop the storyline, or actually write the book, then my coaching service is for you. Because this will depend entirely on where your starting point is, you'll need to contact me and discuss your particular situation to see whether this would benefit you and whether I will be able to work together with you on your project.
PRICING: Depending on project, with a £25 minimum fee. This is based on the hours of reading, making notes, and actual phone coaching, and if your project is a short story or a university thesis then obviously the fee will be far less than a full length novel. As a guide, an average novel with average degree of coaching would cost around £500, plus an editing fee (the coaching can be combined with one of our packages; this works out best in the long run). PACKAGES * INDIVIDUAL EDITORIAL SERVICES * COACHING/MENTORING * GRAPHICS * WEB SITES