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ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE (ESL) I am happy to edit, or polish, a manuscript that is written in English but by authors for whom English is a second (or third!) language. Pricing: Minimum £30 including first 10 pages, then average 1.5p/word. Guideline only; dependent on how much work is needed on your manuscript. PROOF READING: BASIC This is a "final check", similar to copy editing. The proof reader checks on what the editors have already done, but with even more of an eagle eye and additional input. Good proof readers are vital when an author wants excellence! Pricing guideline: Minimum £25 including first 10 pages. Then average of £20/hour. PROOF READING: ADVANCED (WITH FACT CHECKING) This is a more in-depth proof read, where the proof reader will be extremely pedantic . Your facts will be researched online for accuracy - for instance, if you have a manuscript written in the 1940's and you mention a board game, my proof reader will be quick to check just when that board game was invented and will make notes for you wherever necessary. Bible references are checked. Only specific professional (eg scientific or medical or technical) data that cannot be easily checked online will be left out of this service; it is up to the author to know the field in which he/she is writing. The proof reader will also pick up timeline errors, continuity, anything that doesn't agree with what's been said earlier, and that the editor may have missed. Pricing: Minimum £30 including first 10 pages. Then average of £20/hour. PROOF READING OF FINAL PRE-PRINT LAYOUT: In a professional publishing house, many eyes are cast onto a manuscript before it hits the printer! This proof reading stage is the final one, after the book has completed the layout/design stage. This means that everything is checked for consistency - chapter headings must look the same and be in the same place on the page; spacing between headings and following paragraphs must be consistent; margins consistent; contents or indexes or glossaries or tables set properly, etc. You will receive a PDF that has proof reader’s notes embedded. Pricing: Minimum £30 including first 10 pages. Then average of £25/hour. PROFESSIONAL LAYOUT IN ADOBE INDESIGN Once your manuscript is fully edited and proof read, you'll want it professionally laid out in the proper software. Word does not do good- looking final layout; I work in InDesign which has minute control of character spacing so that your words and lines don't look odd, and other such tweaks that make for a more professional look to your book. If you are wanting call-outs and quote boxes and great artwork layout, whether for a book or a magazine, DVD or even a newsletter, I can produce that expert touch. Different printers often have different requirements for your end product - different formatting, different bleed and page size, different layout for hardback and paperback, etc. End result: a printer-ready PDF designed for the printer you have chosen. Pricing: Minimum £25 including first 10 pages. Then average of £20/hour. Final PDF included in pricing. POST-LAYOUT PRINT REDESIGN If you have a manuscript that has already been laid out, in Word or InDesign or even in Quark, but you need changes made to suit another printer, you can give us the specifications and I will deliver a correctly laid out InDesign and PDF, as above. Pricing: Minimum £25 including first 10 pages, then average £20/hour. PDF end-product included in pricing. FROM FINAL PDF TO PRINTED PRODUCT If you are unsure of how to go about having your final PDF delivered to your door as a book, produced by professional printers, I can arrange this for you with printers I use ourselves, getting you three quotes minimum, and advising what is best for your project's quality end result. ANYTHING ELSE If there are other ideas you have or script/manuscript related work of any kind that is not listed above, please talk to me and find out what I can help you with. PACKAGES * INDIVIDUAL EDITORIAL SERVICES * COACHING/MENTORING * GRAPHICS * WEB SITES

Individual Editorial Services

Your cherry-picking list! Here, you may choose only the services you need - so if you have already had some of these done and you don't need a full package, feel free to explore the possibilities. (Note that most of the individual services are included in my full publishing packages.) Pricing is guideline only; in the event, I do tend to base the final cost on actual time spent, as with all my services. If you want only services that normally come after editing is complete, such at going straight to book design/layout, but still want the book published on an ISBN I supply, then I will still have to do a quick copy- edit to ensure your editing has been done to my standards. I’m picky, but it’s so that the end product will be one you and I can both be proud of! READING ASSESSMENT/CRITIQUE This is the initial stage in publishing, leading to the commissioning of a manuscript or its refusal. I strongly recommend that if you are considering publishing your book, you have an Assessment done before spending any further money. This will give you a very good feedback on the state of your manuscript, whether I think it would be viable for you to develop and market it, and what I recommend you do from there. (I am very straight forward about this, but in a constructive way.) INSIGHT: when an author submits their manuscripts to a publisher, it has to catch the interest of the staff and is then recommended for a full assessment and is passed to a Reader. The book is read thoroughly, and the Reader spots the strengths and weaknesses, makes notes, recommendations, and the book is then either refused or passed to the next stage, when the Commissioning Editor and team decide whether to take on the book. This first stage in the process is absolutely vital in the path to decisions about the book's fate with that publishing company. If you are confident about your manuscript and certain you want to go ahead with it anyway, you may prefer to skip this and go straight to the next step. Pricing: Minimum £25 incl first 10 pages, then 40p/double spaced A4 page. SCREENPLAYS, TV, RADIO and THEATRE SCRIPTS With over 25 years' experience in scriptwriting and script editing, acting, and production management, I am perfectly positioned to help you out with your screenplay or script! Pricing: basically similar to the costs for other Manuscript work. MANUSCRIPT TYPING/TRANSPOSING I will take hand written or hard-typed manuscripts and transpose them onto a computer in document format, so that you have an electronic file (Word document or other format) to work on via computer. During this process I will format your manuscript so that it is correct for submissions. Pricing guide: £15/hr. (eg at an average 50 wpm; 80,000 words = 26hrs = £390). Based on straight forward text manuscript. More complicated projects will take longer, thus cost more. MANUSCRIPT POLISHING If you are happy that your manuscript is ready for submission to agents or publishers, but would like to have an expert eye go over and polish it, this is the service you need. Pricing: Minimum £25 including first 10 pages, then an average of 1p/word. Guideline only; dependent on how much work is needed on your manuscript. A well finished manuscript will require less polishing on my part. COPY EDITING I will go through your manuscript for typos, grammar and punctuation, and proper formatting. I will also do basic error correction. Pricing: Minimum £25 including first 10 pages, then average of 1p/word. Guideline only; dependent on how much work is needed. FULL (DEVELOPMENTAL) EDITING This process goes much deeper. It includes copy editing, but your work will be critically given a full publisher's edit. You will interact with the editor (me!); a second edit will be done and once again you will interact; a third and final edit is included. These edits pick out timeline errors, continuity, anything that doesn't agree with what's been said earlier; I will give my attention to the flow, suggest cuts, spot weaknesses and help you strenghten your book overall. Pricing: Minimum £35 including first 10 pages, then an average of £25/hour. Dependent on how much work is needed.